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You are SUMMONED and your Masonic friends are cordially invited to attend the 506, 507 and 508 Stated Communications of Queensboro Lodge No. 892 F. & A.M., at Anchor Astoria Masonic Temple, 18-14 College Point Blvd., College Point, NY 11356. 

THURSDAY, JANUARY 19th, 2017 AT 7:30 P.M.  SHARP

for the transaction of such business as may regularly and constitutionally come before the Lodge.  Tonight is the Official Visit of RW Spiro Triantafilis, District Deputy Grand Master of the Queens District representing the MW Jeffrey M. Williamson, Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York.

Officers’ Dress: Formal


for the transaction of such business as may regularly and constitutionally come before the Lodge.  Tonight, we will hold a Rehearsal for the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.

Officers’ Dress: Business Suit


for the transaction of such business as may regularly and constitutionally come before the Lodge.  This evening, we will confer the Sublime Degree of Master Mason upon worth Fellowcraft Brothers.

Officers’ Dress: Formal

Attest:                                                               By Order of: 

RW Richard T. Schulz, Secretary                  W Philip Bianco, Master

Brother Jack Gold, Junior Warden               Brother Edward Rasa, Senior Warden  


Robert RoessleRaised: April 4, 1955 Cathedral #1031

Southampton, NYPassed to the Celestial Home: December 5, 2016


Mrs. Judy Forquignon, widow of our late Brother, passed away recently. Mrs Carol Gruber Throm, widow of our late Brother passed away on September 21, 2016. Mr. Gary Mikucki, father-in-law of Br Joseph Dittmer, passed away recently. May God grant them eternal peace.

W Bob Froehlich recently underwent hip replacement surgery; he's recovering at home. RW John Dietzel broke his hip this past summer but has since recovered. Br Howard Reiser is in the hospital with pneumonia and other ailments. Mrs. Carmela Bonomo was in the hospital in December. Br Jose Torres' sister Edith is undergoing treatment and needing prayers. Mrs. Peggy Licato is having a cyst removed from her hand soon. W Al Dittmer will be going in the hospital on Jan 17 for aneurysm surgery. RW Richard Friedman, PJGW, recently underwent quadruple bypass surgery; his wife Joanne is in hospice care. The Lodge wishes a speedy recovery to our brethren & friends, and a speedy relief to those in distress.


W Bob Froehlich and his wife Susan are expecting their 7th grandchild in 2017. RW Stew McCloud's grandson, Chris Johnson turned 6 years old on November 25. The WM turned 72 years old on December 11. W Al Dittmer reports: Nicholas Giarrantano is 8 on Jan 11; Jessica Dittmer is 11 on Jan 19; Joseph Dittmer is 9 Feb 9. Br Ed Rasa reports: Br Jose Torres' birthday is Jan 7 and Nicole Torres is Jan 27. W Andy Bonomo's son Nick turns 21 on Jan 17. Congrats to Br Mitch Gold & Linda on their 9th Wedding Anniversary on Jan 12. Congrats to W John Licato's parents on their 56 Wedding Anniversary. 


Thu   Jan   19 Queensboro Lodge, DDGM Official Visit, College Point, NY.

Wed Feb    1   Frances Lewis Lodge, DDGM Official Visit, Whitestone NY.

Thu   Feb    2 Queensboro Lodge, College Point, NY.

Thu   Feb   16 Queensboro Lodge, College Point, NY.

Fri Feb   17 Harmony Lodge, DDGM Official Visit, Whitestone NY.


The Saints John

      “Erected to God and dedicated to the holy Saints John “, as Masons we are very familiar with this phase. Why did Masonry pick these individuals as Patron Saints? St Thomas, eminent patron of architecture and building, could have been a suitable choice, but was not picked.  

       John the Baptist was born in June of 2 B.C. His father was a Zachariah, a temple priest. His mother was Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Mary the mother of Jesus, were cousins. John matured into a rugged individual. He lived in the mountain area of Judea, between the city of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. John lived a simple life. He survived on locust and honey and he wore clothes made of camel hair.

       John started his ministry about 30 A.D. His ministry grew in popularity. People came out from Jerusalem and all of Judea and the whole region of Jordan. John’s message was inspiring and uplifting. John baptized his followers in the Jordan river. John’s faith in God made him fearless in the face of opposition. He often spoke boldly to the religious leaders of the Pharisees and the Sadducees, calling them “A Brood Of Vipers “. People of that day did not address leaders, religious or otherwise for fear of punishment.

       John preached a message of philosophy and love. His message became so popular that people thought he was the Messiah. John cautioned his followers that he was a messenger sent by God to proclaim the truth. He knew that once Jesus appeared on the scene, his work would be finished. Thus, Jesus did appear on the scene and was baptized by John in the Jordan River. 

      John’s ministry and life ended abruptly at the hand of King Herod. Herodias, Herod’s wife was the former wife of Herod’s bother Philip. Herodias and her daughter plotted to have John killed. John proclaimed, openly, that Herodias’s marriage to Herod was unlawful. John was arrested and sent to prison. To please Herodias and her daughter, Herod sent an executioner to the prison to behead John.

     The Knights Templars and the Knights Hospitaller were also dedicated to St John the Baptist. John was uncompromising and inflexible. He went to his death because of his strong belief in God and was fearless in the face of opposition. St John the Baptist was a great role model for the Knights Templars and the Knights Hospitaller and for Freemasonry.

     To be continued with St John the Evangelist in our next communication.

W Philip Bianco, Master


Applying for Affiliation and Awaiting Clearance:

Brother Serge L. Stuppard 

Brother Philippe Mortel

Brother Widmarc Duvalsaint

W Josue M. Ledres

Awaiting Degree of Fellowcraft

Brother Christopher Espino

Brother Michael A. Mojica

Brother Alfredo Santos

Brother Riyadh Almehdi

Brother Peter Bello

Brother Branden Berrios

Brother John Calle

Brother Puneet Jain

Brother John I. Licato

Brother Alexander Mora

Brother Sam Mami Nandji

Brother Jean Roger Piquion

Brother Carlo Torres

Awaiting Sublime Degree of Master Mason:

Brother Moises Anthony Rojas

Brother Ricardo Santos

Brother Anthony Velez


































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