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You and your Masonic friends are cordially invited to attend the 517thStated Communication of Queensboro Lodge No. 892 F. & A.M., at Anchor Astoria Masonic Temple, 18-14 College Point Blvd., College Point, NY 11356.


for the transaction of such business as may regularly and constitutionally come before the Lodge. Tonight, we will have an Honor Night for our Junior Past Master, W\Phil Bianco.

Officers’ Dress: Business Suit                                                                       

Attest:                                                                             By Order of:

R\W\Richard T. Schulz, Secretary                            W\ Greg Artinger, Master

Brother Mitchell Gold, Junior Warden                          Brother Jack Gold, Senior Warden  


            Our meeting on Thursday, September 7th will be the Lodge's Annual Barbecue and Bring a Friend Night Program. By Order of the Worshipful Master and  in accordance with our bylaws, the Lodge Business Meeting scheduled for September 7 is canceled. Dress is casual. Come on out and help us celebrate the past Masonic Year. Bring along your friends and potential new members. Starting time is 7:00 pm.



            Charles Dittmar                           Raised: November 27, 1957      Granite #1011

            Maspeth, NY                               Passed to the Celestial Home: June 26, 2017


            Howard Reiser                             Raised: May 24, 1957                Granite #1011

            Charlottesville, VA                      Passed to the Celestial Home: July 5, 2017



Mrs. Mary Sutherland, wife of our late Brother Howard, passed away on January 6, 2015. Mrs. Jeanne Probst, wife of our late Brother Charles, passed away December 16, 2015. May God grant them Everlasting Peace.

W Greg Artinger's father was recently released from the hospital after suffering from pneumonia. The Lodge wishes a speedy recovery to our brethren & friends, and a speedy relief to those in distress.



Br Moises Rojas turned 25 on June 20. Br Jai Seeperstad's son Lukas turned 2 years old on May 20. RW Stew McCloud's wife Debbie celebrated her birthday on June 15; granddaughter Erin is 10 on June 22.

Br Roopish Gayadeen and fiance welcomed a baby girl in July. EA Br Chris Espino graduated from Queens College in May with a degree in Design.W Al Dittmer's granddaughter Jessica made her First Communion on June 4.W Phil Bianco and wife Anne celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary on June 13.



Applying for Affiliation and Awaiting Clearance:

   Br Serge L. Stuppard

   Br Philippe Mortel

   Br Widmarc Duvalsaint

   W Josue M. Ledre

Br George Goulandris

Awaiting Degree of Fellowcraft:

Br Christopher Espino

Br Michael A. Mojica

Br Alfredo Santos


Creatures of Habit

            It is good to be able to welcome each of you back after the last two months.  I hope that each of you, and your families, have had a safe and enjoyable summer.  I personally have enjoyed the last two months taking my family camping, getting together with some old friends, a bit of fishing, and, of course, taking every opportunity to go for a ride on a nice day.  As enjoyable as it was, however, I did miss getting together with my brothers in the lodge. 

            As we end our "dark months" to come back to lodge, I began to think of how much we, as men, are creatures of habit.  We each have our morning rituals, the routes that we drive to familiar places...and these are not bad things.  A habit can simply be the way that we take something of importance in our life, and make it easier.  At the beginning of the year, I began to go to the gym 3 times a week.  At first, it was cumbersome balancing my life as it was, along with this new thing.  Before long, however, I noticed that it became easier to set aside the time to go to the gym...it became a priority, and I habitually began to schedule activities around the gym, and not the gym around those activities.  Unfortunately I pushed myself a little too hard and got a minor injury.  I stayed out of the gym to let my injury rest for a bit, and when it did not improve I went to a doctor, and physical therapy.  Now I stand committed to going back, but I am, once again, finding it difficult to set the time aside...it is no longer a habit.  I believe a similar thing happens in all organizations, especially Masonry.  We see the same brothers that make it out to every meeting.  It is easy for them because it has become habit.  Some brothers drift away.  Often it is for a truly good reason such as work, family, or health, and I believe that more often than not it is with the intent to come back once things have been resolved.  Once things have gotten to the point that they can return, many find that it is difficult to come back.  We justify it to ourselves as we have something going on this Thursday, but we will be there for the next one.   The next meeting approaches and we are exhausted after a tough day at work...we'll make the next one.  We then make a habit of making the next meeting...which does not come. 

            It is not all gloom and doom.  Habits can be fairly quick to form, and the more rewarding the task is, the quicker it becomes habit.  I put this challenge to each of the brothers who have been missing from (and missed by) the lodge.  Make a point of putting on your calendar two months worth of meetings...and make those meetings.  After those four meetings, see how difficult going to the next one is.  I am willing to bet that becomes much easier.  You are welcome to get in touch with me and let me know if I am correct. 

            For those who come out to lodge regularly, I challenge you to try this with some other good habits.  We are lucky to have so many valuable resources so close to home...Grand Lodge is a short trip, as are many of the lodges in our district.  Make a point of setting aside a little time for reading and join one of the Livingston Library's reading lists, check the district calendar for other events and visit one or two lodges a month, try to make it out to the Masonic Safety ID or one of the training classes the district runs, the Queens Masonic Association, or the Masters' and Officers' associations.  Each of these can become a quick habit not only because they are an enjoyable time, but they will also reward you with knowledge, the joy that comes from helping others, or a group of your peers that provide a support structure to help you to succeed...a ray of true Masonic light.

W\Greg Artinger, Master



Thu   Sep   7   Queensboro Lodge, BBQ/Bring a Friend Night, College Point.

Thu   Sep  21 Queensboro Lodge, Jr. Past Master Night, College Point.

Tue   Oct    3 Advance ICM Lodge, DDGM Official Visit, Advance Temple.

Tue   Oct   10 Springfield Gardens Lodge, DDGM Official Visit, Rockville Centre.


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