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Oct 2012

9/29	District Blood Drive, Advance, LIC, 9:00 am - 2:00pm
10/3	Service City Geba Lodge, DDGM Official Visit, Advance, LIC.
10/4	Queensboro Lodge, Rehearsal First Degree, Collation: 7:30pm, College Point.
10/6	Grand Master's Day at West Point, Army vs. Boston College, $30/ticket
10/7	Grand Master's Day at Tappan.
10/11	QMA MW Charles Froessel Award Dinner & Meeting, Amer. Legion, Floral Park.
10/16	Advance Isl. City Mizpah Lodge, DDGM Official Visit, Advance, LIC.
10/18	Queensboro Lodge, Table Lodge and Oktoberfest, College Point.
10/23	Springfield Gardens Lodge, Third Degree, QBL Drama Team, Rockville Centre.
10/25	QMA Semi-annual Meeting, QMA Office, Glendale.
10/26	Cornucopia Lodge, Homecoming of RW Robert Servidio, Rockville Centre.
11/2	Springfield Gardens Lodge, DDGM Official Visit, Rockville Centre.
11/8	RW Herman Weiss Award Dinner, Riccardo's, Astoria, $45/person.
12/6	Queensboro Lodgeg, Holiday Party, Lenny's Clam Bar.


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